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Jaz Rai

585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

Mr. Lacklen is great at what he does! I was in a car accident and he completely took care of all of my issues with the insurance and helped me find a Doctor for my personal injures. I would recommend him to my friends and family, and use his services in the future.

Beth Lewis

585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

i tried several other attorneys they said i wasn't worth it and John took the case with a week to file and he was very helpful i got 28,000 dollars i highly recommend him much quicker than i thought

Alan Cunanan

585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

Very high win ratio with maximum amount of money that your case can get.


585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

I was referred to Mr Lacklen by one of my good friends, when i got into a car accident. I was very stressed out and did not know much about him and how he would help me out. I am sooo thankful to have met Mr Lacklen. He is the best at what he does and you can clearly tell he does not do his job only for the money. He is sooo helpful and veryyyy motivated and helpful. I did not have to do anything, he did ALL the work, contacting the other insurance and contacting Kaiser for me, I was stressed out that I would have to run around to get him all the info he needed but he took care of it all. He was always checking up on me to make sure I was okay and comfortable. He always called to update me on what exactly was going on and for me to know and understand the whole procedure. He is very organized and self-driven, not to mention honest and responsible. If at any time he needed my signatures, he would go out of his way and come to me, instead of having me take out time from my job and go sign. I contacted him right away when I got into my second accident as well. I really recommend him to everyone and trust me you will not regret choosing him to represent you. He is wonderful!!!! THANK YOU JOHN LACKLEN FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND EFFORTS!

Frank Jo

585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

Mr. Lacklen is very professional and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a personal injury attorney.

Patty Thomson

585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with the services of Mr.John Lacklen of Oakland,Ca. Mr.Lacklen represented me regarding my claims and lawsuit arising from my injuries which were acquired due to an accident in April. of 2013. He never hesitated answering any questions I may have had during the time he represented me, and was extremely informative as to the best way to handle my case. I truly believe he did he best he could have for me with this case. I am very satisfied with the final out come of my case. I wouldn't hesitate calling him if I ever needed a personal injury attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Lacklen. Sincerely, Maureen P Thomson. P.S. I would also like to thank his office personal for her help when ever I called.

Heidi Newcomb

585 Mandana Blvd, Suite 8 Oakland, CA 94610

Mr. Lacklen is an excellent attorney. Both him and his assistant are very professional and I would recommend them to everyone. They can do everything by phone and mail so it is more convenient in a busy life.

Karen C.



Awesome Lawyer, he worked for 3 years representing me on a very difficult case. When I gave up he didn't. His assistant Linga was always nice and helpful as well. I recommend Attorney Lacklen highly. Thanks again John I will recommend you to all my friends and family.

Ave A.



I was rear ended a few times and one of my good friends gave me John Lacklen's phone number and I called and he was S000 helpful!!! For both of my accidents, he was a tremendous help and handled everything for me, because sometimes theres a lot of paper work involved and calls that need to be made, but I did not have to worry about any of that because Mr Lacklen took care of EVERYTHING!!!! I would really recommend John Lacklen!!! Some attorneys only work for the money, but in this case, it is different. Mr Lacklen shows a lot of concern and always asked if I am okay and always asked how he can help, with everything else he was already doing for me. I was very impressed. He has been doing this for soo many years and he is excellent at what he does and very knowledgeable and at the same time organized and professional. I could not imagine anyone else handling my case. I really appreciate his hard work and efforts!! THANK YOU!!!

Jaz R.

San Leandro


I met Mr. Lacklen about 3 years back when I had gotten into an auto accident; he was great with my case and completely took care of everything. He helped me right away and took time out to meet with me the first day I called him. He is very honest and helpful. I would strongly recommend him.

Yelper U.



Good lawyer. Patient, honest and responsive. Very easy to work with